Llansteffan – Best secret in Wales

Noticed this in the rear window of a car… it won’t be a secret for long at this rate! Mind you, I am not helping either.   Perhaps it’s time to share….

Charlie Dali

Weather terrible! Had interesting day though… started teaching my young builder to play didgeridoo and overtone chanting during his tea break… and he is keen to learn. Charlie was practicing overtones in his big white van on the way to get more materials…. not your average white van man this lad…  and forgot to put Continue reading »

New Yoga Studio

The new yoga studio is underway! It will be located in the hillside overlooking the estuary and have a living roof that can be walked on! Special unique design by Fred our multi-talented builder.  It will also be used for Art/Photography/Talks/Dance  e.t.c The retaining wall is now done and so the actual studio can begin… Continue reading »

July Summer Gathering

Join us for a Sumer Gathering on Thursday 11th July on Llansteffan beach with Merlins Magic Cafe.  We will be creating a medicine wheel together, sharing poetry and stories and creating music.  All are welcome… bring a picnic!

A Day In Laugharne

The weather transformed this morning into a glorious sunny day and we headed over to Laugharne to check out some of the festive events.  It was humming with activity at Dylan Thomas’s boathouse, with live musicians – and we were even offered our own poetry reading by John – the writer in residence of some Continue reading »

Healthy Tips – Raw Juicing and why to do it…

Including Raw juicing can be a fun, nutritional and even creative activity to include in our daily diet Here are three tips on why you might want to consider juicing * Juicing allows you to consume an optimal amount of vegetables and fruits in an efficient manner. Ie the food will still be live (not Continue reading »

Renovations at Hill House

In October 2013 Hill House disappeared under a grid of scaffolding, re-emerging in December.  This was due to an extensive refurbishment of the exterior of the house. After experimenting with several different shades of pink, we chose a slightly lighter shade as the new colour, with contrasting white detail to ‘lift’ the house.  Before Hill Continue reading »

New year transition

An important time of transition.  How can we prepare for the year ahead?  Help ourselves make the best choices and any lifestyle changes. Join us for our NEW YEAR TRANSITION RETREAT

What is a retreat and what is involved?

Taking the time for a personal retreat allows you the opportunity to re-energize, reflect and relax. A retreat is different from a holiday. It’s a semi-structured event that is designed for you to connect with yourself outside of your typical routines. It can be a time to spend by yourself, but equally its a wonderful Continue reading »