Renovations at Hill House

Hill House 157In October 2013 Hill House disappeared under a grid of scaffolding, re-emerging in December.  This was due to an extensive refurbishment of the exterior of the house. After experimenting with several different shades of pink, we chose a slightly lighter shade as the new colour, with contrasting white detail to ‘lift’ the house.  Before Hill House was painted, however, the stucco detailing, so much a feature of Victorian houses, had to be extensively repaired and, in a few places, remade.


The east wall of the house had its layer of rendering removed, which was making it damp, and the grey field stone underneath was revealed!  We liked it so much we decided to keep it that way.  The weather vane was renovated, along with one of the chimneys, the windows are being repaired, and in general the upgrading continues.  Work will begin on the front garden this coming year — we don’t want to change things too radically, but some upgrading is necessary.

Inside the house new laundry facilities are being built at the moment, along with a new and larger kitchen which will be available for group retreats.  Watch this space — we’ll post updates as projects are finished and new ones begun.