The History of the House

Hill House and Llansteffan ChurchHill House was built in 1855 as a ‘gentleman’s villa’ by Robert Parnall of Llansteffan, who made his fortune in the clothing trade in London.  The Parnalls were a prominent local family, and Robert wanted a summer retreat in order to return to the area and escape the heat and bustle of London during summer.

Originally there were just two large rooms on each floor, with a kitchen in the basement; the house received a large back extension in the twentieth century. During the 1990s the house first became known as Hill House Retreats.  It was extensively and carefully renovated using natural materials like lime plaster, and the solar panels and ultraviolet filtration system for the well were put in then. 

Hill House Retreat

The beautiful situation and unique character of Hill House remain at the centre of Hill House Retreats today, where light, space, tranquillity and natural beauty are a key part of the visitor’s experience.



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