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Spring Replenishing Yoga Retreat Wales

Yoga Retreat in Wales

Yoga Retreat on the mat

Spring is when winter starts transforming into summer.  The slow activity of the short dark days starts to speed up to give way to shorter nights, and whilst the nature surrounding us starts changing and preparing for the warmer season, so does our body and mind.

It is very important during this transition to prepare ourselves to embrace these changes gracefully. The body and mind, working in symbiotic harmony with each other follow a circadian rhythm, that regularises all our metabolic processes including those of our immune system.

To ease into this season healthily, we have designed a replenishing yoga retreat with osteopathy, aiming at aligning your body and mind. This will be achieved with the aid of Osteopathy, Yoga, Meditation and a carefully designed Nutrition plan.

Osteopathy: This is a form of manual medicine. Using gentle manipulations of muscles and joints the entire body is supported into optimising its functioning. By creating better alignment and releasing tensions and blockages, the body can tap into its own self-healing mechanisms fully, creating vitality and boosting the immunity reserves.

Some of the recognised benefits of osteopathy are :

  •  Improved digestion
  •  Improved circulation
  •  Eases aches and pains

Yoga: This is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that helps us to attain better awareness of our mental and physical state and ease stress and tensions, thus creating better flexibility and endurance to embrace daily challenges.

Some of its proven benefits are:

  •  lowers stress and improves mood
  •  Increases flexibility
  •  Improves muscle tones and strength
  •  Benefits breathing and lowers blood pressure
  •  Improves your posture

Restorative evening Yin Yoga: the evening sessions at our Yoga Retreat in Wales will focus on nurturing and bringing energy to our inner-selves. The simple postures will be practiced mainly seated and for longer periods of time. We will concentrate on YIN hip opening postures facilitating the release of emotional & mental blockages, caused by negative life experiences such as traumas, injuries, accidents or abuse.  Such blockages are stored in the body creating hard tissue and tension. By allowing time to listen, and learning to stay with the sensations that arise in the body, we will develop and create a sense of ‘spaciousness’ and thus encourage healing.

Yoga Retreat Wales

Yoga Retreat Wales


Energising morning Yoga: will start by tuning in with the breath, followed by sun salutes then floating into a sequence of standing postures. We will then practice balancing and seated postures. Towards the end of the session we will approach some back bends and inversions, along with the appropriate counter-postures.  Concludes with shavasana.

Classes are suitable for any level including complete beginners, as Patrizia will offer individual variations, props and verbal or hands on adjustments where necessary.

The classes will give you a sense of a general 360 degree workout in your body and aid the detox process. You will feel toned and calm.

Meditation: You will practice meditation using a variety of traditions; the Buddhist Meta, Indianan Vipassana and more applied practices such as walking and fire meditation. The aim of meditation isn’t to still the churning of the mind but to acknowledge the thoughts that arise and let them gently fade away in the background of our mind. We will aim to find a place of calmness within ourselves using visualizations, and once we attain that state we will bathe in the sensations.

Some of meditations major benefits are:

  • Improved sleep
  • lowers stress levels
  • lowers blood pressure

Nutrition: You are what you eat! Food provides the building blocks for your body to form new molecules and repair tissues. By removing foods that cause inflammation or are toxic to the body, we allow our system to take a break and just focus on replenishing us completely.

Didgeridoo:  Apart from being a fun musical instrument, there is a serious health benefit from learning the “circular breathing” technique.  The intention on this course is to start you off on the road to circular breathing.  You will take away a practice didgeridoo so that you may continue on that path.

  • Increased vagal tone and subsequent medical benefits


Elisa Burato is a holistic practitioner based in London.

Elisa has a Masters Deelisagree in osteopathy and sixteen years’ experience in a variety of manual therapies. She has continued her education at the Molinari Institute of Health, achieving a post-graduate in women’s health.  Her approach to health is intuitive and holistic, integrating structural, visceral and cranial techniques, together with new concepts available from the field of neuroscience and evidence based medicine.

Her main focus remains on helping women during different stages of life, supporting their body through fertility issues, changes during pregnancy and across a variety of hormonal related imbalances.




Patrizia Valpondi ( 500RYT)

patrizia2Patrizia is a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher who designs unique Vinyasa classes. She has spent the last five years teaching hot yoga, Vinyasa community,  corporate and one-to-one classes.  She has advanced as a teacher and practitioner through the teaching of Ana Forrest (USA), Mathew Sweeney (AU) and most recently Patrick Beach (Portland). Patrizia has also trained to teach Yin and Restorative yoga. She hopes to bring vitality and new belief to people approaching yoga for the first time, aiming to transfer her confidence in the intrinsic ability that the body has for self-healing, by developing a deeper mind-body connection. Her classes focus on alignment and breathing and are tailored specifically to each student’s needs. She has run workshops and yoga retreats in Italy and India.



What your day will look like at our Yoga Retreat Wales:             (Note:  all classes are optional )


            16.00:  Arrivals

            18.00:  Meeting the group drinks…

            18.30:  Stretching your legs yoga session

            19.30:  Dinner

            20.30:  Free time and Q&A about exercise or personal health


              7.30:  Meditation

              8.00:  Chai tea or coffee break

              8.30:  Morning vinyasa energizing Yoga

              9.30:  Breakfast

            10.30:  Individual osteopathy treatments otherwise free time to explore the surrounding nature

            13.30:  Lunch

            14.30:  Breathing training using your own practice didgeridoo

            15.00:  Individual osteopathy treatments otherwise free time to explore the surrounding nature

            17.00:  Evening Restorative/Yin Yoga

            19.00:  Dinner

            20.30:  Chatting and relaxation


              7.30:  Meditation

              8.30:  Chai latte tea or coffee break

              9.00:  Yoga extended practice

            10.30:  Breakfast

            12.00 – :  Departure

Food: All meals will be made using local organic produce where possible. Breakfast will be a buffet. Lunch options will vary everyday. Evening meals will be light but flavoured and balanced.

If you have dietary restrictions, please let us know – these can normally be catered for.

What is Included




* FOOD   

*ACCOMMODATION  (4 nights) Private bedroom with shared facilities.

Cost:       For shared bedroom    £590

               For private bedroom    £690 

To book a place on our Replenishing Yoga Retreat Wales:

Please call or text:                 Lance         07899 061360

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